Mule 4 HD

Cardinal Mule 4 HD Shed Mover

5,000 Pound Lift Capacity

Cardinal Mule 4HD Shed Mover

Optional LED Work Lights and Toolbox

Mule 5 HD

Cardinal Mule 5 HD

Speed - 2.8 mph in low and 4.0 mph in high

Cardinal Mule 5 HD

Optional Wireless Remote Control Optional LED Work Lights and Toolbox

Cardinal Mule 5 HD

5,000 Pound Lift Capacity

Mule 624T


5,000 Pound Lift Capacity with Optional 10,000 Pound Lift Capacity


Optional Wireless Remote Control



Speed - 1.75 mph in low, 4.0 mph in high



The Cardinal Mule

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