Meet the New C-Series Mules


This is truly a Combination Mule!


PSUg2c Mule with 20' ISO Container and EZ-Stow Dollies


PSUg2c Mule with 20' ISO Container and Crank Up Dollies


624Tc Mule with 40' ISO Container

Cardinal ISO Gooseneck Trailer


Cardinal's All New ISO Gooseneck Trailer

We are very pleased to introduce our new ISO gooseneck trailer designed to haul up to 20' ISO Containers, and can also be used to haul the standard 12', 16' and 20' PSU Containers. The ISO trailer has the simple, secure pin lock system for ISO Containers, as well as the optional sliding rail for ratchet straps. Standard features also include simple quick-attach securement for the Mule and Dollies...No straps or chains needed!


Optional  8k Torsion Axles with 17.5" Wheels


Spring assisted fold down ramps

ISO/PSU Combo Dollies

Hooking up to ISO Container

New ISO Trailer

20' ISO Container loaded on trailer

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